When I first got started with photography one of my biggest struggles was not knowing where to shoot. I scoured Instagram looking at other photographers in my area hoping they would tag their locations that they were shooting at. Sometimes they did, but most times not. I ended up driving to several locations to see what I could be working with. Over time my 3 favorite places in the Greater Spokane Area became Mt. Spokane, the Saltese Uplands Conservation Area, and Bear Lake Regional Park.

Mt. Spokane

Mt. Spokane is loaded with breathtaking views whether you want to hike to your favorite spot, pull off on the side of the road, or go all the way to the summit. My favorite spot is the summit. No matter what direction you go, you have incredible scenery for your photo session. Be aware that you do need a permit to shoot on Mt. Spokane, as it is one of our state parks!

Saltese Uplands Conservation area

The Saltese Uplands Conservation Area is one location that I recommend shooting at the most. The hilly and barren landscape offers a beautiful canvas to work with, as well as being an incredible location for the dreamy golden hour lighting. Sunset here never disappoints! Not only that, but there is a lot of space to work with here, so you can get a different look each time you shoot here. This is where I shoot at most often!

Bear Lake Regional Park

That leaves Bear Lake Regional Park. This is a favorite for my clients north of Spokane. Just off the side of Highway 2, this location not only offers the beautiful lake, but a wooded area, trails, and is yet another great location for watching the sun set! I love this location for it’s versatility while also being able to accommodate those living farther north with a location they don’t have to drive super far for!

The great thing about our area is that there really are countless amazing locations to use for your photo sessions, these are just a few of my favorites that I often recommend. We live in a beautiful area! What is your favorite location in the area?